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Start early with our special savings programs.


Oz’s Clubhouse

Dog and house

Sweet Treats as a Member of Oz’s Clubhouse

  • Welcome Kit
  • Prizes for saving money

What do I need to become a member of Oz’s Clubhouse? 

  • Come into any Ozarks Federal location to open your account today
  • Bring a minimum of $25 to open your account
  • Bring your Social Security Card
  • Program is only available to members ages birth through 5th grade

Savings Treats Earnings* 

  • $100 in savings - Prize from the “Dog House”
  • $250 in savings - Coiled spring toy or pick one item from the “Dog House”
  • $500 in savings - $5.00 deposit into your account to say “Congrats!”
  • $750 in savings - Oz’s Clubhouse T-Shirt
  • $1,000 in savings - Your own stuffed “Oz”

Bringing in your children provides them an active role in the saving experience to get them excited about saving money. Be ready to learn how to manage and save money all while having fun!

Print and color Oz

*Members can only earn the savings treats once. Rewards may change over time. Savers ages birth through 5th grade who have a Children's Savings Account * are eligible for Clubhouse membership. School-aged children may also participate in the Student Rewards Program. Prizes will be awarded based on deposits made from the date of Clubhouse enrollment.

Student Rewards Program

Only available on one account per student. Eligible accounts are Children's Savings, Checking 101, and Classic Savings.*

  • Earn $2.00 for each "A" on your report card up to $10.00 per quarter. Outstanding and Satisfactory are considered to be A's.
  • Students in kindergarten through high school are eligible to receive rewards.
  • Bring your report card to your local Ozarks Federal each quarter by the deadlines below. We strongly encourage students to accompany their parents.
    • 1st Quarter - November 30th
    • 2nd Quarter - January 30th
    • 3rd Quarter - April 30th
    • 4th Quarter - June 30th

*Requirements for Children's Savings Account or Checking 101 is a $25 opening deposit. Requirements for Classic Savings Account are $100 opening deposit, maintain an average daily balance of $100 to avoid a low balance fee of $5.00 per month, and a minimum of one transaction annually to avoid a monthly dormant fee of $1.00 per month. Student Rewards and Oz's Clubhouse are only available on one account per student/child. The current interest rate for Children's Savings and Classic Savings accounts is .05% and the annual percentage yield is .05%. The rate may change at any time after the account is opened. No minimum balance is needed to obtain the annual percentage yield. Fees could reduce earnings. There is no time requirement to obtain the bonuses of Oz's clubhouse. Bonuses for Oz's Clubhouse will be given when the prize level(s) is reached and will end once the account balance reaches $1,000. Time requirements for Student Rewards are shown above. Bonuses for Student Rewards Program will be provided at the time the report card is presented. Bonuses for Student Rewards will end after high school graduation. Account must be opened with an adult signer (age 18 or older). Student Rewards and Oz's clubhouse may be changed or terminated at any time.

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